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BP Ultimate DieselBP Ultimate Diesel

Ultimate - Diesel

BP Ultimate diesel is an advanced diesel fuel formulated to clean and protect your engine to help you get more kilometres per tank while lowering exhaust emissions, compared to ordinary diesel.

It's suitable for all diesel vehicles and has been tested to demonstrate benefits with ongoing use compared to ordinary diesel.

Independent vehicle testing was conducted locally on a common light commercial vehicle by Orbital in Australia. Overseas testing was conducted at BP’s test facility in Bochum, Germany, on a Euro IV modern diesel passenger car.

Unleaded 91

Unleaded - 91 Octane

Unleaded 91 is a quality 91 octane fuel designed for use in all vehicles that are tuned to run on a 91 octane petrol.

Premium Unleaded 95

PULP - 95 Octane

Unleaded 95 (formerly BP Premium Unleaded) is a special blend of petrol designed to bring high octane and knock free performance to unleaded cars with a high octane requirement.

BP Ultimate

Ultimate - 98 Octane

BP Ultimate Unleaded (98 Octane) is not ordinary fuel, it is an advanced performance fuel designed to be better for your vehicle whatever the make or model. Formulated to clean your engine, give you more performance and less pollution. This is new improved BP Ultimate Unleaded.



BP 10ppm Diesel is ahead of its time, BP has made a commitment to progressively upgrade BP Diesel: that is two years ahead of the Federal Government deadline. BP is working towards protecting the environment and also protecting your vehicle. BP 10ppm Diesel is suitable for all current and past diesel engines.


Diesel (High Flow)

High flow diesel pumps for fueling trucks are available at selected service stations.

Unigas LPG


Every vehicle owner is worried about rising fuel prices. Converting to LPG will generally deliver a cost saving of between 55 to 65 cents per litre, resulting in hundreds, perhaps thousands of dollars worth of savings every year depending on vehicle usage.

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